Sep 21, 2018

Three Weeks After TPLO Surgery

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Hard to believe it has been three weeks since surgery. Addie has become a master escape artist which unfortunately landed her in jail. Just can't risk her hurting herself. When I'm in the room with her she can be in her healing hut but otherwise she's in the crate.

She is doing great but is sick of being bored and confined. I wish she understood the reason why.

Sep 14, 2018

14 Days of a Cone

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14 days of a cone is just too long. Addie has gotten to the point where she is trying to pull the cone off her head. It is just annoying. I have tried other cones over the years and she always found a way around other ones to get to stitches. Her fur on the back of her neck is much thinner now due to tying the gauze to secure the cone. Regardless of how careful I am, there are always hairs that are tangled when I go to take the cone off. I tried to use her collar with it but it was too bulky and didn't fit. I am grateful that the cone protected her stitches but 14 days is a looooooong time. At this point, only three more hours until the stitches come out and that is one less thing to worry over. Yaaay!

Sep 13, 2018

Chewy is the BEST!

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Addie's first night the day of surgery was rough. She was in a lot of pain, coming out of the anesthesia and the extra pain meds that they gave her were wearing off. Nothing I did comforted her. She had an accident in her bed. I tried but couldn't save the foam pad from her bed, so I reached out to Chewy where we purchased the bed to see if I could purchase another foam pad. I've been so busy with Addie that I forgot to check my personal emails. I received a surprise package in the mail from Chewy today. A new bed for Addie! I was in shock! I checked my emails and saw this wonderful message.

"Thanks for reaching out to us. I did some digging on the website and it doesn't look like we carry the replacement foam for this bed. However, we at Chewy do understand accidents may happen and because of this we sent you out a new bed that should be getting to you by Thursday, Friday at the latest. We wish Addie a speedy recovery and really hope shes back on four paws pretty soon."

That was the last thing that I expected. What a wonderful surprise! We have our dog food set up on automatic purchase from them and I couldn't be happier with it or all of the additional purchases that we have made.

Addie was so very thrilled with her new bed! Before the new bed arrived I had blankets in her healing hut for her which my husband said she looked like a hobo. Not any more! She can heal in comfort now. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Chewy! This small kindness and the concern behind it means the world to us.

Sep 8, 2018

Day 8 after TPLO Surgery

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What a week it has been! The weeks leading up to Addie's surgery seemed to crawl along. The day of her surgery, time seemed to stand still. This last week has flown by us.

Today, Addie is strong, feeling great and ready to start her passive range of motion exercises. I found a great video by Medvetforpets demonstrating how to do them which I found very helpful.

We are both counting down the days until the stitches come out and the cone can come off.