Jun 1, 2008

Dog Days of Denton 2008

On Saturday, we attended a cool dog friendly event called the Dog Days of Denton Festival. This all day event included food, contests, live entertainment, and games. Vendors were selling their canine-themed wares and arts/crafts. There were also several pet rescue groups on site with dogs available for adoption. This fur-filled event also featured various canine demonstrations in agility, flyball, disc and freestyle throughout the morning.

My favorite booth was the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue. They had many gorgeous Great Pyrenees on site for us to meet. Addie was a little intimidated by these gentle giants, so I didn’t get a picture of her with them. One of the Great Pyrenees was 130 pounds (pictured here). It was really neat to see what Addie’s Dad looks like up close. His head was enormous, like a human head. The second that I would stop petting him he would paw at me to keep going. Talk about a big heavy paw! I just LOVED him! Addie got close to this big Pyrenees and he lifted his paw and bopped her on the head. His paw was as big as her head, or at least it seemed to be that big, lol. Addie looked up at him and shook her head a little bit. It was soooo funny! We need him around when she gets in her crazy puppy nipping moods!

There were a lot of vendors. Some of the other neat booths that I stopped at included:
Friends Forever Pet Portraits in Steel – You have to check out this site! Her work is amazing. I’m still deciding what I want to have her do for me.
Annie’s Doggone Goodies – All-natural dog treats. She does dog birthday cakes too!
A Place for Pets Resort & Spa – She had a great booth set up and even gave Addie a squeak toy!
Milk-bone – Milk-bone was on site promoting their 100 year anniversary and search for their spokesdog. Addie received a cute bandana that she sported all day.
For Addie, attending this event was a big deal! This was the first large event that she has been at where she encountered a lot of people and a lot of dogs. Addie was brilliant! She sat when being petted. She maneuvered the people filled lanes with ease. She was the perfect little girl at this event and everyone LOVED her!

If you are a dog lover and did not attend this event, check out the Dog Days of Denton site and keep it in mind for next year. There are not very many dog friendly events left around. Even though it was a bit of a drive, it was well worth it.

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