Jun 13, 2008

Not dog related, but TOO COOL not to share!

We went to see The Happening by M. Night Shyamalan at the Ridgemar Rave this evening. At the beginning of the movie, when they were running the opening actor/actress credits, a group of people to the left of the theater started clapping loudly at someones name. We were not sure what was going on, seemed a little odd. Then at the end of the movie the same thing. Lots of clapping from that side of the theater. There was also some odd stuff going on at the theater.

When we arrived there was a Rave employee with a clipboard checking tickets as we entered the theater. Then our tickets were checked again right before we could pick our seats. There was also a police officer in the theatre. I had recognized an actress in the movie but could not place her name. She played a crazy, creepy part near the end of the movie.

We IMDB'ed the movie and found out that person was Betty Buckley. The same Betty Buckley that lives in the Fort Worth, Weatherford area. SHE WAS AT THE MOVIE THEATER DURING THIS SHOWING!! How COOL is that!! For those of you that don't recognize her name she played the gym teacher in the Stephen King movie Carrie. Ms. Buckley played her part very well in The Happening.

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Karen Charles said...

Hi Staci-love the puppy blog!!!

Betcha didn't know that Betty Buckley is a Fort Worth lady of distinction, not only for her singing/acting abilities in such productions and TV shows as Cats and Eight is Enough, but she also was runner-up to our own Ruthie in the Jr Miss Fort Worth competition.

Ruthie, as you know, went on to an advertising career, founding Kearley & Company. She still has the tiara though!

Have lots of fun raising Addie!

Karen C.

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