Jul 27, 2008

Where has our puppy gone?

I don't know where the time has gone. Too quickly Addie has lost nearly all of her puppy fur, weights in at 40 pounds and moved from adorable puppy to bitey toddler. One of my favorite characteristics of Addie since the day she arrived was her beautiful long white eyebrow lashes. And even those are falling out now.

Since day one, Addie has had some mighty big shoes to fill. Although, I know she will never be the same dog as our K-8, it is hard not to compare them. Well, it's really not that hard. K-8 was never bitey and Addie is. Our vet gave us a new tip that he found called "close your mouth." I am working on that with Addie, but giving her some slack right now since she is still full of stitches.

Since Addie arrived in April, Ron and I have made her the center of our lives. We read books, talked to our vet and tried everything to make sure we didn't do anything wrong, but here we are with a bitey Addie. It looks like her big teeth are all in now, so we can't use that reason any longer. We will keep trying until she realizes that she has the best family and dog friendly household in the whole wide world. K-8 knew it. Zoe, well, we love Zoe!

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