Aug 6, 2008

Addie had her stitches taken out yesterday and she is doing fine. She is at 45 pounds now at 5 1/2 months old. Her nipping and biting with us is finally slowing down. But, confrontations with Zoe are on the rise. Zoe is as patient as she can be.

Addie starts her beginner training classes at the end of this month at Petswest. She may be a little surprised at what is expected of her. No more passing the puppy and socializing with the other dogs. Based on how her training goes, she will have the Canine Good Citizen certification to pass and then the therapy dog evaluation at a minimum of one year old. Once she gets the puppy craziness out, I believe that she will make a wonderful therapy dog!

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Princess Eva and Brice said...

Hi Addie,
We thought we'd stop by to sniff you since Momma thinks you're one of the the cutest pups she's seen in a while. Plus she's very intrigued by the breed combo.

Stop our blog and check it out. We've selected you for a new award.

Princess Eva and Brice

River said...

Hi Addie, Eva mentioned you on her blog so I had to come visit. You are such a pretty girl! And fluffy! You should get to know Biggie Z, too. He's a fluffy white kuvasz.

We got the same award that is really cool! I hope we can be friends. We have a very friendly, fun group here. It will be fun watching you get bigger and bigger.

love & wags,
River the beagle who lives with 8 other beagles and a dalmatian

Anonymous said...

Hi Addie,

I agree with Eva - you are cute:)

I like your blog...and I am adding it to my favorites.

Licks n Wags,


Amber-Mae said...

Hi there Addie! Nice to meet cha & welcome to Dogs With Blogs! Your hooman takes some pawsome pictures of you. Wish my Mommy had a very good ca,era like yours. Hehe! Anyway, I know you'll be a good therapy dog. I'm soon gonna learn to be one too but now I'm just too energetic to be very calm right now!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

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