Aug 19, 2008

Older, but wiser?

Reminiscing with Addie

A lot has happened in my short little life! It all began one day when I went for my first car ride away from the farm. I ended up on a plane to Dallas. I spent a total of 4 hours in the air and had a layover in the middle for 3 hours. That sure was a long day!

Then I met the nicest people in the world! My new family! They had a million toys for me to play with and a playroom all to my self that was completely puppy proof so I couldn't hurt myself.

Now, I know that I look like an angel, but let me tell you, I am no Saint! These are the things that drive my family CRAZY:

•I shred EVERYTHING that I can find. Toilet paper and paper towels are my favorites.
•I love to carry the big water bowl around in my mouth all through the house.
•I love to eat ice cubes (my big girl teeth really hurt when they came in) and carry them around in my bowl all through the house.
•I love to play in my water bowl and then drink the water off of the kitchen floor.
•I love to eat every bug that I can find out side, whether I have to dig it up or not. Beetles are not my favorite, though.
•I enjoy finding cat poop in the yard and rolling around in it! Sometimes when my family can’t get to me fast enough I will even eat it! My family thinks it is disgusting and these acts always results in a bath for me.
•I love to chew on anything that I can. Remote controls and shoes are my favorites.
•I love to find and chew on every rock I can find in the yard.
•I love to herd Zoe, my older Dachshund sister. I bark at her, bounce all around her and bite her (not too hard). Zoe doesn’t like it very much.

With a list like this, I bet you are wondering what the stupidest things are that I have ever done. Here they are in no particular order:

•I have run or slid into countless walls because I have been running around the house too fast
•I have pushed Zoe over the edge a few too many times and have had chunks taken out of my nose.
•I have knocked the glasses right off my Vet’s face because I was sooo happy to see him! He loves to get down on the floor and play with me. He is the best!
•I have eaten things that should not be eaten that resulted in trips to the Vet. But that’s ok, because I love the people there.
•While riding the car I closed the window on my own head. Since it was on a Sunday morning, I got to go visit an animal hospital after that. The people were real nice there, but I got so bored I fell asleep.

So, what lessons have I learned… hhhmmmm. None that I can think of!

3 Treats:

River said...

You are smarter! Maybe different from wise exactly but better. I like your list.

love & wags,

Samantha said...

Thanks for visiting our blog.

Our person remembers quite a few things you have listed from our puppyhood days. Well Zac is still only 10months old so still likes to do some fun puppy stuff. hehe

Holly & Zac

Princess Eva and Brice said...

I don't see anything wrong with the things on your list. I think that I'd do most of them if given the opportunity.


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