Sep 26, 2008

Addie's Training: I have to do what now?

The ride to training.

Addie is a few weeks into her beginner training classes. We are up to long sits, downs, and stays. Lots of heeling and sitting. We added a new "u-turn" this week, which is a turn into your dog (the opposite of the about turn).

I have trained dogs before, but had not seen the u-turn. It seems as though I am always in the wrong place when this one is called out by the trainer, which is too close to the wall. So, I end up running into it. LOL

Addie is a character in her classes. Outside of class, I have been teaching her fun stuff like "shake" and "high five." I have been teaching her how to wave as well. I didn't even think about the similarities between the hand signals that I use for wave and stay. So, now that we are really working on stay, Addie wants to wave at me. LOL

Our goal continues to be to pass the Canine Good Citizen test and then move on to therapy dog work. For 7 months old, I believe she is coming along well. She sure does have a lot of puppy left in her and I'm OK with that!

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Snowy and Crystal said...

WAY TO GO smart Addie and mommy =)

we enjoyed reading this post. Training and tricks training is something that we are fond of ;)

Maltese Paws,



Woof Addie

Wow, we are really impressed that you are doing so well in your classes. So what do you have to do to pass the Canine Good Citizen award? Is it a hard test? We're sure you'll do fine.

Desert Pups

The Three Musketeers said...

I am very impressed with what I saw in the video ! You are sure a smart boy Addie ! Hope you have a fun day during the training .

Love you !

Ludo van puppy said...

Yay Addie! You is doing so good in your school. We is starting the good citizen thingy soon too. I a bit scared about it.
We gived you an award if you would like it, it on my blog.

Abz-Chelsea said...

Loved the video, puts our heel to shame... Addies doing so brilliantly...

I cant let Chels shake hands or high 5 or she will slam someone when shes older

Ludo van puppy said...

hiya Addie, mum says you need to enter it as html rather than the piccy upload part. Even though mines not sparkling on my post, she figured it out afterwards. humph.

Sophy said...


You sound like you and your human are having fun! My human is trying to train me, too. I don't mind sitting but I really, really hate "down." "Blankey down" (on my fleece blankey) isn't so bad but just "down" is no fun at all!


Ruby said...

Hi Addie

You are doing very good in your training. You heal really well and stop & sit so fast. I never did get the heal part of walking but I loose leash walk very well.

Love Ruby

Samantha said...

You look good Addie and it looks like you are enjoying your classes.

Well done Addie.

Holly & Zac

Chef said...

Addie, you are doing great! You are so smart and alert -- very impressive! But you gotta teach your mom to stop bumping into walls. Keep practicing til she gets it!


The PR Gang said...

Great job Addie. You're lookin' good! Isn't class fun.

Sarah and Shadow said...

Is this like an AKC class?

You are both doing really well! Training classes look fun, but we're not getting certified wuite yet, just visiting for now!


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