Sep 15, 2008

Double Take: Meet my Twin

This is Mack. Mack's mom saw my picture on the Daily Puppy and could hardly believe it!

The resemblance is uncanny

Here is Mack's story told by her mom. "Five years ago this December our doorbell rang. When we opened the door, standing there was a couple who had been out walking in the neighborhood when they found two abandoned fur balls – a black one and a white one. They were flea invested, skinny, shivering, but still cute as can be. We took them, cleaned them up, fed them, and took them to the vet. He said they looked to be about 6 weeks old. We asked if he thought they were border collies, and he said they had something bigger in them and warned us to prepare to have a very large dog if we intended to keep one of them. We found a home for the black one and kept the white one as we had lost one of our two Cavalier KC Spaniels only two weeks before (she was 11 yrs). Our daughter, Kate, an avid Longhorn fan, named our new puppy Mack (after Mack Brown).

My husband had a border collie while growing up, and our children had a border collie for most of their growing up years as well. Mack seemed to be “colored up” like a border collie, but the texture of her fur, her funny, curly tail, and her dew claws made it a puzzle. Also, her litter mate was black with white markings. We did some Internet research and asked our trainer, and all came to the conclusion that she must be part Pyrenees as well.

Mack’s a great companion and part of the family. She jogs with us, hangs out with us, serves as a great home security system, plays with (and sometimes bullies) her sister (a Cavalier), etc. (She’s definitely Alpha of the two.) She is very protective – almost to a fault because she’s not very hospitable to a new person until she gets to know them. (I hear that is also a Pyrenees trait.) However, she is very loving and sweet to all of us and to family, friends, and neighbors. The little kids on the block love her, and she allows them to hang all over her.

Mack at a year and a half.

Mack's puppy fur was snow white with black markings, whereas her adult fur has a little black in the undercoat, and she developed more black “freckles” as she has grown up. So her coloring has remained more border collie-ish, but the texture of her fur is more like a Pyrenees, except not quite as thick. We think she’s beautiful. While out walking, we have people ask us all the time what breed she is and comment on how pretty “he” is (everyone thinks she’s male). She weighs about 80-85 lbs."

I am so happy to have found my twin! And to know that she is located in East Texas, just like me, is wonderful. I'll be checking in on my new sister from time to time to see how she doing and to show her how I've grown. I bet her mom could provide some valuable tips on how to deal with some of my puppy crazies.


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Ruby said...

Hi Addie

This is remarkable. You could be twins. But I think you're cuter.

Love Ruby

River said...

How cool is that!! A big sister who looks just like you.

love & wags,

The PR Gang said...

Hey Addie!
Thanks for visiting us at our blogspot. We love your stories and want to say that you're BEAUTIFUL!

happy said...

Hi Addie! Both of you do really look like twins!

Xsara ... said...

you really look like twins - i've never seen a beagle so similar to xsara, and she's a purebred so you would expect them to be more alike. anyway, this is a great blog and addie is one sweet dog!

Amber-Mae said...

OMG! That's just amazing! He really looks like a clone of you Addie! You both should REALLY meet up some day! He looks like your long lost brudder or something...

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Ludo van puppy said...

Wow! if you grow up looking like that you're gonna be one beautiful dog. Not that you aren't a beautiful puppy of course. I'm glad you found a twin.

Darcey said...

Hi Addie

You and Mack really could be twins. But of course, your cuter.

Love Darcey

Sophy said...

Wow! You do look like twins! At the shelter they told my human that when I was first found as a puppy they thought I might be mostly Pyrenees. But I didn't get that big--but they thought I would.


Woof Addie

Just checking in to see how you are doing. We've nominated you for an award so come on over and check it out.

Desert Pups

Anonymous said...

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