Sep 11, 2008

Ike is on the way, I think I will destroy this toy!

The storm is coming. Hopefully it will be downgraded so it does not hit Texas so bad. We are not looking forward to bad weather this weekend.

Addie showed her displeasure of possible bad weather interfering with her fun weekend by destroying a brand new Tuffy toy. This toy is marketed as the world’s tuffest soft dog toy. A level 8 on their scale of 1-10. Addie gutted it in 20 minutes. Apparently, I did not pay close attention to the text on their website that stated “These toys are designed to be play toys and not chew toys.” I learn things best the hard way. LOL

Addie was very proud of her accomplishment.

I have been taking pictures of my dogs for 12 years. Addie is the first dog that I have had that blinks when I take her picture. And 98% of the time I don't use a flash. I have more pictures of her blinking than you could imagine! LOL

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Amber-Mae said...

Oooh, please stay safe. I hope Hurricane Ike won't be coming your way! Oh, and good job with that toy Addie!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Ruby said...

Hi Addie:

You're one strong girl. I hope Ike doesn't hit you too hard.
Have a save weekend.

Love Ruby

Ludo van puppy said...

Good work on that toy Addie. I tried your game of destroying a toilet roll today. It was so fun. I hope the weather is not too bad for you.

River said...

My mom's friends feel the atmospheric pressure in their bones when a storm is coming. Maybe we dogs feel something irritating too--it may have inspired Addie to destructive heights. Stay safe and dry!

love & wags,

Piper McLean said...

Addie, you are beautimous!

Up until now I have only been a killer of kleenex, but I think I will try some toilet paper today. (After all, the hoomins just leave it dangling from the wall for me to reach!)

Sophy said...

I hope the storm missed you like it missed where I live.

I do the same thing to my toys. And then my human takes them away! I don't know why. I'd chew them into really small pieces if she let me.

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