Sep 30, 2008

Please help my friends!

October is Adopt-a-Dog/Shelter Dog Month
Two of Addie's closest friends, Arwen and Scrufty are looking for forever homes. They are the sweetest dogs that you will ever meet! They have overcome so much in their short little lives. Arwen was hit by a car and brought to our Vet, Family Pet Care, by a Good Samaritan. Scrufty was left at the front door of the Vet office when he was just a tiny little furbaby. They are both doing great and are ready to move into their forever homes. Can you help us?

We are wondering what mix breeds these puppies are. Any ideas?

Addie met Arwen and Scrufty at doggie daycare that is held at my Vet's office. They play together all the time and are so much fun to be around! To meet these adorable pooches, please contact Chandra at Family Pet Care, 817-451-7387, or leave a comment and I will provide you with all of the information.

Don't worry Arwen, we will help you and Scrufty find forever homes!

Know of any events going on in your area? Please share them with us.
The ASPCA is holding a photo contest for the best-dressed dog in honor of Adopt-a-Shelter Dog month.

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Snowy and Crystal said...

aww they sure are adorable :) we hope that they will find their forever home soon. So nice of you to try to help them (mommy admires anyone who does that)
breed? hmmm can Scruffy have a pit in him? we are not good at that, but we just know that they are soo very adorable and do look so sweet

Maltese Paws


The Three Musketeers said...

Thanks for all your care & concern for Lady ! We really appreciate it ! We thank you on behalf on Lady !

Hope Arwen & Scrufty found a nice forever home !
& Zoe , do take cares too ! :D

Loves you Addie & Zoe (:

Ruby said...

Hi Addie & Zoe
What a special thing your doing for your friends. I hope you find them a home as great as yours.

Love Ruby
ps. I think Arwen might have a little jack russell in him & Scrufty(cute name) looks kind of like my friend Bella who is a staffordshire bull terrier.

Moco said...

We will add them to our daily circle of healing vibes. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a great gotcha day.

Samantha said...

Aww such cuties, we wish them lots of luck finding great forever homes really soon.

Holly & Zac

River said...

They are so sweet looking! I hope they find homes soon. Be sure to let us know--we love happy endings.

love & wags,

Abz -Chelsea said...

They are all cuties..good luck with finding them homes, so many pups have a rocky start but then find someone who loves them...

Shadie the Aussie said...

Hey Addie!
How sweet of yous to try and find your doggeh friends new homes, let me know if my ma and I can help!I'll add you to meh fur friends list, so others see your friends for adoption.

Tail Wags,

Darell said...

They are nice dogs, well…. you are right raising pet is not easy.

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