Oct 7, 2008

1st Picture Received: Addie's 1st Annual K-9 Costume Contest

We have received our first entry for the costume contest!
Submitted by The Three Musketeers, Cody is a footballer! Cody is so handsome in his outfit. It will be so hard to choose only one to enter into the contest. Which picture is your favorite?
Picture one
Picture two
Picture three
Picture four

Thank you very much for your entry Cody!

We can't wait to see what the rest of Addie's K-9 friends will be wearing!

Submit your picture by email to us at raisingaddie@gmail.com by midnight on October 31. You can wear a costume or your favorite bandanna. All pictures received will be eligible for the drawing. Don't forget to watch the drawing LIVE on Addie's Cam on November 1st. Three lucky winners will receive a Bumble Ball Gift Package!

(Are you wondering what the LIVE Addie Cam is? When Addie first came home, it was very hard for us to leave her alone when we would go to work. My husband installed a video camera so that we could see what she was up to at all times. We set up Addie's room with everything that a puppy could ever want or need. She is very spoiled!)

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Pic four is pretty funny! I like that one...

Anna Marie

Ruby said...

Good costume Cody.

#4 is the best

Love Ruby

PS. Addie do you ever feel like your being watched?

River said...

Picture 3 is very cool.

love & wags,

Sarah and Shadow said...

Funny! I love it! Live Addie Cam!! How interesting!!! We were actually thinking about doing the same for Shadow!!!


Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

I like pic 3 best.:-)

I answered on my blog but i will put it on here incase you don't see it. It is a Pinnacle studio 500 that i used. :-)

Lorenza said...

Those pictures of Cody are great!
Kisses and hugs

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hmm.. I am torn between pictures 2 and 3..
I got to go and look for my costume soon!!


Thanks for keeping Jody in your prayers.we need all the prayers we can get.


Boo said...

cody was fast! i need to dig up my Beckham shirt.

btw, i saw your addie webcam y'day. i wanted to check out addie live cam but i guess the 12 hour time difference make it impossible. :P

mom said she wanted to install a webcam to "spy" one us too. but i think she meant it for dopey - who destroy everything at home.

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Oh I couldnt handle a Chelsea cam...not knowing while Im at work what she is currently destroying in our room is probably a good thing...

The Three Musketeers said...

We just visited Lady , she seems to be happy , & she is under some dip . She was barking like mad in the cage .

Sister wanna us to send you & Zoe some hugs too ! Oh , how I wish December come soon ! :DDD
That means Present Time !

Love Licks !
Lady , Zena & Cody

Boo said...

addie, thanks for the doofus vote! mom was saying why do i need to nominate myself for being a doofus? lol

wet wet licks


Fred said...

Addie, thanks for stopping by my blog! Wasn't Barktoberfest the most fun?
Cool pictures--I'll definitely stop back to say hello!

Lois Lane/Laney said...

I love the pics with sunglasses!
I need to have mom take my costume pics soon.

Moco said...

Cody looks like he is ready to go BBQ in the parking lot.
You caught that donut so quick we hardly got to see it. Did you even taste it. LOL
How about doing the letter S.


Hi Addie, Zoe & Staci,

Me and the Mommy are glad you liked the pictures. The Mommy would also like to thank you for the 2-mail you sent. It meant a lot to her. When she lost Samantha 3 years ago she wanted to die too but had Samantha not left her I wouldn't be here now.

We love you all and are so happy you are are frineds.

Mona & the Mommy too!!

Clover said...

Hi Addie!
Thanks for coming by with some advice for my parents - we really appreciate it!
I like those pictures of Cody! I think #2 is the cutest.
I hope my costume arrives soon so I can send you a picture for the contest!
Love Clover xo


Woof Addie

Sorry we haven't stopped by in awhile, this whole thing of Mom working is ruining our social lives.
The costume contest is a great idea, we're gonna have to bug Mom to get our costumes.

Desert Pups

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