Oct 19, 2008

Barkitecture Dallas

We attended Barkitecture Dallas on Saturday. This was their inaugural event which featured unique one-of-a-kind dog homes from the imaginative minds of local architects and home builders.
As far as events go, it was pretty small. They had some pet adoptions, a few vendors, a pet blessing by All Saints Episcopal, and refreshments. It was held at White Rock Lake.
Here is Addie receiving her blessing.
Addie and her Dad at the lake.
Here are our favorite dog houses from the event:
The Bark-a-Lounger
The Aquashed
This one was pretty neat. The slanted roof sends the rain water into the
gutter which guides the water into a bowl for the dog.

17 Treats:

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Furry nice and oh so khlever!

Tank woo fur sharing!!


Lorenza said...

Sure that is a great event!
The houses are beautiful!
Kisses and hugs

Achilles Wong said...

nice house. i liked the last one most. that would probably answer all my water needs. (i always topple my water bowl and chew off the water feeder.. BOL)

will you get one addie?

drooly kisses,


Boo said...

wow, did you see anything you like?

wet wet licks


Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Hi Addie!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's so nice to meet new friends! That is quite a pawsome event that you attended with your Mom and Dad! I love the Bark-A-Lounger photo...*grins* Hope you have a great week ahead! Will check back soon...*wink*



Hi Addie & Zoe,

I like the "Bark-a-lounger"
When the Mommu sits in her lawnchair I could sit in my chair.
Where do I buy one?

This is gonna be a hard contest to judge.

LOve Ruby the cow and Rusty & Riley the ladybugs.


Sen and Tom said...

That looks like a great event! It's nice to see people using their brains to come up with really useful things!

Your Pals,
Sen-Chan and Tom (soon to be three!)

Lois Lane/Laney said...

How creative!

The Three Musketeers said...

They are just too fat for me to squeeze in ! HAHA , Lady will be removing the E collar tomorrow !
You must have a wonderful day too !!


Southbay Girl said...

Addie those are awesome dog houses.....if only I had a yard to put them in...


Asta said...

How Cool!
That must have been lots of fun..to get blessed, and have a gweat day wif youw Dad and see those amazing houses..I love bof of the ones you posted
smoochie kisses

Amber-Mae said...

Rainwater to drink? Well I guess it isn't that bad. Interesting place!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

The PR Gang said...

What a cool event. I love to see ingenious ideas for our critters.
Lovely shots of you by the lake Addie!

Ruby said...

Hi Addie

It looks like you had a fun adventure. I liked the bark-a-lounger. Would it be big enough for me & mom to sit on.

Love Ruby

JB's Big World said...

Nice to meet you Addie! My new brother will probably like you a lot....

Chef said...

Hi Addie! I love that house where the rain water falls into the bowl. Wouldn't it be nice if it rained cookies? Mama wants that lounger -- for herself!!

I'll have to send you my pic with my Halloween mask on. I'll get to it right away.

Bye for now.


The Brax Blog said...

Love the houses!
I should ask my trainer to get me one...


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