Jan 30, 2009

What breed is Lucie...

We received the results!

For us at least, this Wisdom Panel report was 100% correct. With as fast as Lucie is growing, we can see that she is taking after her father the Great Pyrenees! It would be interesting to see how the balance would be on Addie. I believe that the Border Collie is the dominant breed.

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The FOUR Musketeers said...

Thats what we think too ! I am thinking that Lucie will follow her father genes , but her mom colour ! As she is much bigger than Addie when Adiie was at her age !

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I think the breed(s) in khwestion would be the KHUTE breed!


Suzuki said...

I'm glad you got the results you wanted for Lucie :)
Big licks to you

Painter Pack said...

She is the beewootiful breed!!! Both Lucie and big sis are heartbreakers!!! I best keep my sweetheart Koova away from their blog!

Mya Boo Boo

River said...

We voted for pyranees. I think the mix should be a true breed rather than 'mutt'. Maybe a pyrcollie.

love & wags,

Emily said...

where did you get the test? I would be interested to see how much BC is in my dog. And determine what else she is mixed with.

Amber said...

That is really cool!


Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

that is really nifty! Its always nice to know what you are - just in case someone asks...
Your pal Morgan

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