May 17, 2009

Updated: Looking for someone that can use or uses a pet pouch...

I purchased this to carry Hailey on nightly walks with the girls but it just didn't work for me. I tried placing Hailey in it but she is too wiggly to stay in it so it has never been used. Instead of going through the trouble of returning it, I thought I would pass it on for free to someone that could really use it. It will hold a pet up to 15 pounds.
Size: Large
Color: Black
Please check out the link below for more details on the pouch.
If you have a use for it, please state that in a comment to this post. If there are several people that can use it, I will do a random drawing.
Also, if you have a suggestion or alternative for carrying a puppy during a walk, I would be very interested. I have done many web searches and I really thought that this one would work.
I have the Dog Gone Device that I used for Zoe, but it is too big for Hailey. I just checked their web site and it looks like their new version is adjustable for smaller dogs. If you have any experience with their updated product please let me know if you like it.

I didn't realize that I should have stated exactly how our walks go so I will fill everyone in now.
When we begin our daily walk, Hailey is walking along with us. Since she is only 3 months old, I'm concerned about her walking too much and damaging her legs or back since she is still growing. I will check with my vet to see what an acceptable walk is for her age.
I agree that it is not good for Dachshunds, or any dog, to be overweight. I exercise Hailey daily and am watching what she is eating to avoid her being overweight.

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b13 said...

Can't you carry a camera in it? ;)

If I had an itteh bitteh kitteh I maight be able to use it ;)

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

I'm in, my mom could use it to carry me from my bed to my peemail post!
Please have Hailey use it first, I love to sniff her scent!
Make sure you draw my name, thanks a bunch, muahhhh!

The Brax Blog said...

If you do a drawing I would love to be in it, I raise goats, and like to take baby goats to town with me!! (4-8 pounds).
But if someone else would have a better use for it, then I don't want to take it from them!!

Frankie's trainer

Anonymous said...

I just came home from a 2 mile walk with my 6 year old doxie. It's a cute pouch but would you consider letting Haily walk until she gets tired and asks to be picked up? Eventually she will want to walk the whole way. We do a 5k every year for our anti cruelty society. It's really great to have a doxie that does not have a weight problem...

DCampy34 said...

Sounds really cute but since my kids are all 40+ lbs i dont think it would work

Bully Brats

Raising Addie said...

Hello Anonymous!
We do let Hailey walk as long as she can. Since she is only 3 months old, she's not ready for a full 2 mile walk yet. I don't want to do any damage to her little body while it is growing. But I wanted her to be a part of the family walk and thought the pouch would be a good way to accomplish both.

We certainly do not want her to have a weight problem and we do exercise her frequently.

Thank you!

Karen said...

If you are having a drawing, then I would love to be in it..

We have a little one, who is getting older and often gets tired when we are out on a walk with him and his bigger sister. We've been thinking of getting something like this, that we can take with us, to use when he tires out..

When I still ahd a baby stroller, I used to sometimes use that :-)

April said...

Wow! Your family is growing so fast!


Amy said...

Hi -
My 6 month old pup Sophie is a 5 lb poodle mix who sometimes gets tired on our longer walks. I usually end up carrying her and have thought about getting a bag like the one you have. I'd love to try it, so if you do end up doing a drawing, please enter me and Sophie! Thanks! Puppy Kisses to Lucie and Addie!

Amy said...

...oops, Sophie sends puppy kisses to Hailey too!!

Raising Addie said...

Hello Amy and Sophie!!

Would you share how far you guys were walking at 3 months old?

Thank you!
Staci and Hailey

Tracey and Huffle said...

Mum says I would wriggle and cry too much if she tried that with me. I agree.

Hi puppers!

Huffle Mawson

Checkers said...

we tried that with Checkers he was too squirmy - we got a stroller - it was great - I'm not sure he'd sit still in it now :-)


Hmmm.. I'd be wiggly too but can see your concern. perhaps a little wagon or stroller would be better (a little more money though)


Scottie the 'cutie' said...

I have yet to see a pet pouch like that being used here in Malaysia...looks very cute though! I can imagine Hailey wriggling in it. LOL!

Sorry I can't be of much help...Mom doesn't like to carry me much, since I'm quite capable of walking myself. Hope you'll manage to find the best solution!


Amy said...

Hi again,
I first brought Sophie home at 3 months, and she weighed about 3 lbs. We really couldn't walk very far together - just down the street and back while she got used to the leash. My honey and I like to walk through the golf course (when no one is playing, of course!) and there are a lot of winding trails, so it is hard for me to guess the distance. I would say that at 3 months, she would walk along with us for about 15 - 20 minutes at a slow pace, and then she would want to be carried for about 5 minutes. Then she would walk for another 10 min or so, and want to be carried again. She is good about just sitting down and looking up when she is ready to be picked up, but she clearly loves to walk unless she is pooped. Now she can walk for about a steady half an hour. But if she has the chance to zoom, she will do that instead!

I agree, you need to be very careful about their little bodies developing and not overstress their bones and joints. My vet suggested that one of the most important things for her was to avoid rough play with bigger dogs, because she is so tiny - even though she thinks she is a big dog and loves to play with them! Sophie sends puppy kisses to all your pups!

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