Aug 4, 2010

FJ Summit Registration and Dinner

Late in the afternoon on Wednesday, we headed out to register at the FJ Summit.  Ron wanted to rent a Jeep and register with that but the last Jeep these guys found on the trail they took his keys and clothes and left him on the mountain...soooo we didn't do that.
Here we are traveling down the mesa from our house.

Fun Fact:  The movie True Grit was filmed in and around the town of Ridgway and Ouray County

I didn't expect to see llamas in Colorado.(and they didn't expect to see you either Staci. -Ed)

As soon as we reached Ouray it started raining. In fact, each time we went to Ouray to do anything it rained. Lucie was not pleased...but cute.

(This was taken by a friend of ours, Fred, when it actually stopped raining.)

The first big event of the summit was a dinner where they discussed trail etiquette and various other things. The dinner was held under a tent outside which did not cover all of the tables. Lucie does not like rain and we found out that she does not like big crowds of people (neither does Ron but for different reasons). As everyone huddled under the tent listening to the speakers Lucie and I stood under an umbrella outside of the tent. Dinner was hamburgers, hot dogs and all the trimmings. It was not worth standing in pouring down rain for so after we got all the trail information and our free welcome gift of a nice pint glass from Otter Box we headed out to grab a pizza with our friends Fred and Pam. We spent the evening telling trail war stories, which would be funny to relate here but due to a mixed audience they shall go unrepeated.  I'll just say there were more public restrooms mentioned than I felt comfortable with.

Our first sunset.

At the last potty break of the day we visited  a spot that Lucie had success at before. Look at what we found when we arrived.
 A mother deer and two fawns. If you look real close they are following behind her.  Then Bigfoot made an appearance but I figure everyone's seen pictures of him or at least seen Harry and the Henderson's so I didn't bother...I know...meh, right?  So are more pictures of deer.

Today was a wonderful day!


Coming Soon - Lucie Conquers Imogene Pass, and Staci doesn't.

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Lacy said...

wo9w, very nice trip..and buteee ti ful much rain is not any fun...

b safe,

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh my: the skies!!!


Dina ... UK said...

Wow, Lovely.
Lucie, is there no privacy anywhere. :)

Sharper said...

wow those are some beautiful photos!

Lean said...

lovely pictures looks like fun again not all i read for lucie.

Dougie Declan, The Wagger With Swagger said...

Everyone thinks I don't look like a Chihuahua... a man actually argued with my mommies at a block party once that I wasn't a full chihuahua, that I HAD to have some sort of collie in me... but I was already 9 weeks old and less than 3 pounds! Silly man...

And, sometimes my ears go up and mom says that's when I REALLY look like a chi-baby!

Tiny-Tongue Lickies

Sagira said...

Check out those clouds and sunsets...beautiful. Looks like you got to see a lot of cool things on your trip. :)

Scout 'n Freyja said...

What gorgeous photos and what a wonderful adventure. Can't wait to read about more☺

Anonymous said...


K9friend said...

What beautiful scenery! Sounds like a perfect day despite the rain!


BJ Roan said...

The scenery is beautiful, but Lucie is cuter!

Kari in WeHo said...

such beautiful scenery on your trip!

don't forget, we've moved to

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