Sep 26, 2010

Last Day of Vacation

Sunrise on Saturday, July 24th. This vacation went so fast. Today Ron and Fred had planned on running Black Bear Pass but after Fridays 12 hour trail ride decided to take a break from driving before our ride home on Sunday.

We spent the morning relaxing.


ahhhh... that's the stuff.

Time for a morning nap.

Ok, I'm tired of relaxing. Let's go have some fun!

We headed into Ouray for lunch and shopping with Pam and Fred.

We ate at a German restaurant called Billy Goat Gruff. The food was not very authentic (or tasty) but the company was good and the setting was nice.

LOVE this pic of my man and pup.

They are just so cute!

Just like any other time that we came to Ouray, it started to rain but it didn't prevent us from giving back to the local economy. And by giving back I mean buying touristy items at tourist trap prices.  Ron suggested we buy 20 pounds of back bacon, a 50 pound sack of flour, Hardtack and a pickle.  He's such a smart-ass :)

I love ghost stuff but in all of my research prior to the trip did not find good activity here. This truck proved me wrong!  Its like U-Haul meets the Ghost Hunters.  After this pic was taken I believe Ron and Fred were slimed.  At least that's what I think happened.  All I know is that when we came out of one of the stores, Pam and I found them sitting on a bench next to the road with their cloths plastered to them and a clear liquid streaming down their faces.  Either that or they'd rather sit in the rain as opposed to shopping with us.  Hmmm.... 

On the way back we visited the Second Chance Humane Society in Ridgway. They have a shelter, mobile shelter and a thrift shop. I purchased a few shirts and got to hold one of the pups. He was a little Chihuahua mix that had been picked on by some of the big dogs in the shelter. He was shaking like a leaf but I gave him a good snuggle and he calmed down a little.

Being the last day of the FJ Summit, there was a party Saturday night. Dinner, music and the drawing of all the raffle ticket winners. Ron and Fred attended and had some luck.  More about that later. Lucie and I enjoyed our final night in Colorado back at our house. We watched a storm come through.  The same storm Ron was sitting in getting wet and eating crappy food listening to a bad live band.

Since our house is located at the top of a mesa, when a storm comes through it is pretty creepy with the wind howling through.

Lucie in her favorite snuggling spot.

Time for a belly rub.  Hide your shame!

After the rain ended, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Complete with a full on rainbow. 

If you look real close you can the a double rainbow but it's not all the way.  What does it mean??

Does this remind anyone of that tree scene near the end of "The Ring"?  Right before they found the well.

While we were enjoying a quiet evening, Ron and Fred were party animals.
According to Ron, "Yeee-Hawww!"  They made that raffle drawing stretch out as long as possible with a break in the middle and more bad local band music.  Ron and Fred weren't even fortunate enough to be under the tent, they were out in the intermittent rain.  They bought a combined 400 dollars in raffle tickets for a combined win of 1.  Some recovery kit and a cheap POS European LED light, the reason we know it was European was that it only had a plug for Euro outlets.   Woooo Hooooo :/.  On the way back, Ron was kind enough to look for a place to grab me a burger or something as I had missed dinner.  This being Saturday night everything had closed by that time, the totally unreasonable time of 10PM.  I'd say they roll up the streets by that time or other such saying but the truth of the matter is, most of the streets in town aren't even paved and I don't think you can roll dirt.  He did get points for trying, he would have got a lot more for succeeding.  Hubba-Hubba.

Ursus Arctos Fredis goes ROAR!
It was getting late and Ron and Fred traded yawning.  The LED flash was not kind to Fred :)

Lucie is tuckered out and ready for bed.

Coming Soon - Back to Texas :(

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BJ Roan said...

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! OMG that's funny! Loved the videos. Gorgeous scenery and a cut pup. Looks like soooo much fun!

Oskar said...

It looks like you are doing yoga!

Guess what? My mom person & I have created a new blog at

We'd love it if you would come over and check it out & become a member. It's a great new place for pet bloggers to find each other, and get an opportunity to be a featured blog!

Nubbin wiggles,

Huskee and Hershey said...

We love the pic of Lucie and her daddy!!! Sweeet!

Heehee.. we had a good chuckle at the pic of Lucie on her back and exposing her umm.. censored bits. This is something that Hershey does A LOT and mom always has to remind her that she's a girl and needs to behave like one!!

Looks like you had a fab vacation!!

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a vacation this has been! Definitely one for the memory book! Your sunset pictures are fantastic!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Holly and Zac said...

Wonderful photo's, video and holiday, thanks for sharing them all.

Loved the photo's of Lucie and Ron!

It does look a really fantastic place for a holiday. The town looks really cool too.

Have a great week and I hope we get to chat again real soon! :)

K-9 Katastrophe said...

Heehee! I am tired of relaxing! Heeehee!

Dina ... UK said...

A lovely post enjoyed your holiday pictures and all the information.
Love the idea of the spook by the
Loved the pic of Lucie and hubby. :)

Clive said...

We really enjoyed all the photos - what a great holiday you're having!

Loved the photo of Lucie and Dad!

Murray spotted the 'ghost' immediately!

take care

Kari in WeHo said...

Thanks for taking us along (in pictures)!


Sagira said...

Looks so beautiful there. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation.

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