Sep 1, 2010

Lucie Goes on a Bear Hunt - Our Vacation Continues

On Friday, July 23 Lucie and I spent some quality time together while Ron went trail riding on Engineer Pass, Cinnamon Pass which makes up Alpine Loop. We decided to go on a bear hunt starting with our morning walk.

The morning view from our dirt road.  Actually...this could be any time and any day and you really wouldn't know the difference so suspend your disbelief and come along on a magical journey of discovery as a young girl finds herself and her place in the world.  (and Ron said those creative writing classes weren't worth it....suck it dear!)

No bear here.

Wonder what Bella was up to this morning? She looks like a bear!
The woods around here are so thick that there could be anything out there waiting for us.

Oh look! It's some tall weeds!

Got to go through them to find that bear.

We had a lot of wild flowers around our house.

This one looks yummy!  Om nom nom.  The puking came pix ;)

The mountain view from the cliff.

No bear here.

We were as careful as we could be to avoid the cacti that were camouflaged all over.  They were cleverly disguised as cacti, mother nature is tricky like that.

"Glad all we found were these cacti!  Jerk"

Later in the morning, we were relaxing in our house.
"What's next??!!"

We are going to try to find this guy again.  You must have been the altitude affecting my thought process.  I actually was out looking for bears.  Bears.  Yeah let that sink in, what the heck would have I done if I found one?  Oh I know...I would have been attacked and eaten probably, leaving a husband to wander the mountain with the rescue teams to look for the remains of a sweet innocent dog and her dingey owner.  I'm not sure if I thought my cunning plan through.

"We are going to do what now?"

After our hike, we were relaxing on the deck...

when we saw this guy flying around.

Lucie kept a close eye on him.

Then we headed out again to try and find that bear.

We didn't expect to find any of these here (Komodo Dragon).

No bear here.

 Looks like rain is coming.

This tree thing looked interesting.

This was the end of the deserted road near our house. It was strangely quiet down here. We both realized how far we were from our house and how secluded we were. Then we saw this...

...and quickly started back up the hill.

This hill was not this steep coming down it!

Pant, pant, pant, pant...
we recently found out from our new Wildlife Field Biologist friends that the poo was most likely from a bear and now we know what to look for in case we run into anything like this again.

"That was close! No more bear hunts for us."

We enjoyed the view from our deck for the rest of the day and were lucky enough to catch this little guy.

Well, we did until our next potty break.

"A little privacy please!"

Coming Soon - Beautiful Trails and Sunsets

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Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

This post had it all!

Phloofy tail
Khrossed paws!

PeeEssWoo: And bears and their stuff!

♥MONA + MOMMY TOO♥ said...

WOW!!Lucie you looked like you had a fantastic time. Your tail is almost as Phoofy as Khyra. Loved the video of your walk with all the background noices.

Glas you didn't run into that bear that left the poop!!

Mommy called your Mommy a few day ago on both her cell and the house number but nobody answered.

Kisses to all you young ladies.


Scout 'n Freyja said...

We are furry glads that you did not find the bear. We hear those critters can be really and really nasty! Our momma made sweet noises when she saw the little Chippie - she ♥s Chippies!

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a vacation! Mom can't stop looking at the magnificent sky!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Lean said...

What a adventure lucky for you no bears but i like the little friend on deck.

Maggie Mae said...

What a beeootiful place to spends your vacations. :) Tank youz fur sharing.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS I am happy dat youz never found da bear, just finding his poop would of scared my mom. ;)

Dina ... UK said...

Fancy going looking for a real life wild bear.....:/
You are braver than me...
Lovely story pics and video..:)

Kari in WeHo said...

I am very jealous of your vacation!

Don't forget, we moved to

Selita & Craig said...

That was really a fantastic story - I LOVED the special effects :)

Emma Rose said...

Wow! What an adventure you are having! But seriously Lucie, those Bears are really dangerous. Better stay far far away from those critters!

Emma Rose

Sagira said...

Pheww...that was close. Glad that you are safe and sound. That was a lot of poo. And your little friends are cute to. :)

River said...

That's some sky out there! Congrats on NOT finding a bear. Altitude does funny things to human brains.

love & wags,

Dougie Declan said...

Oh my gosh! You had the coolest walk ever! I don't know if I could have walked that long... but it looks like fun. Maybe when I'm bigger!

Tiny Tongue Lickies,

Helena said...

I love how secluded and quiet your place was! Just perfect for taking a few walks every day! Lucie must have loved it. Wow! I've never seen bear poop before, or have I? I will now know that kind goes to a bear and to turn around and go back to where I came from!

Holly and Zac said...

Eeew - you found some bear, it would have been cool to see the bear that did it but perhaps not the best idea. So we are glad you didn't actually find him but the walk and bear hunt was fun.

Actually on the video I had to chuckle, on one part where you were going past the hedge bit on the right, I thought someone was going to leap out at you.

I think I watch too many horror films...hehe

It looked and sounded so peaceful there, loved the sound of the wildlife and of course Lucie having her wander. We see she had something spotted on the video. Maybe a mini Bear? :)

Very cool how you pointed out Ron on that hill, we hope he had fun too.

We shall look forward to the next part. :)

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Hi guys,
Have you been back from your wonderful vacation yet?
Fall is around the corner, we're so glad the awfully hot summer is almost over, phew!

K-9 Katastrophe said...

Oh its all right! Mommy has done that to lots of blogs! It nice to meet you!


An English Shepherd said...

great post and lovely scenery :-)


chicamom85 said...

Wow what a great vacation but please be careful. I think bears are scary.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

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