Mar 19, 2011

For the Love of Dogs

Each day that passes I learn more about how the residents of Japan have been affected by the horrible earthquake and tsunami

Every day the images coming out of Japan are heart breaking but heart warming as well.

This precious little miracle is the luckiest little girl! How this little one survived, I will never know but I just want to hug and squeeze her.

For me, these pictures hit closest to home.

"A woman comforts her dog during an aftershock at an evacuation center for pets and their owners near an area devastated by an earthquake and tsunami in Kesennuma, north of Japan March 17, 2011. Reuters"

"A woman sleeps with her dog at an evacuation center for pets and their owners near a devastated area hit by an earthquake and tsunami in Kesennuma, north of Japan March 17, 2011. Reuters"

There is NO doubt in my mind that I would do the same thing if I were in her situation.

What can WE do to help?

I have done my research and two groups are at the top of my list. Animal Refuge Kansai and World Vets. At this point the majority of you know about World Vets and the amazing work that they do. Let me share with you a little bit about ARK.

"ARK is a non-profit, non-governmental private organization with the aim of forming a network of people who love animals, believe in sharing their lives with them, and who work actively to rescue them from suffering. ARK was established in 1990 and became officially recognized as an NPO (Non-Profit Organization) in September 1999. In 2008, ARK was accepted as an International Associate Member of the RSPCA."

A recent article posted on their website explains that the situation is getting critical. A lack of fuel is preventing them from reaching locations to provide assistance. Foreigners evacuating the country leaving their pets behind at a pet hotel and have asked ARK to pick up their animals and provide care. (I am conflicted about this right now. I have read an article from the State of Hawaii website which instructs pet owners in Japan on traveling with their pets. Although they may be quarantined if necessary it looks like pets can leave Japan. It's not cool to leave your pet behind. NOT cool at all!) 

The devastation is simply heart breaking. I am in awe of the community atmosphere that the people of Japan have displayed throughout this ordeal. The challenges that Japanese individuals are facing now, I can hardly comprehend. They all have my support and prayers.

Lastly, this video has proved to the world how compassionate dogs are. I am very thankful that they have both been saved. 

(VIDEO) You don’t have to speak Japanese to understand the sympathetic tones of the two reporters observing these dogs  – and the loyal dog who led them to an injured friend, then refused to leave his friend’s side. There is so much we don’t understand about the emotional lives of animals. But we know they can suffer tremendously, and we know they care for each other.
We wish all the people and animals of Japan heartfelt concern during this incomprehensibly difficult time. We know that the people of Japan will respond like these two friends, sticking together in this time of need.  Ganbatte kudasai! (“Don’t give up!”) – Global Animal
[ UPDATE: According to a facebook entry, a resident of Japan, Kenn Sakurai, is reporting that both dogs were found alive in Mito, Ibaraki. And thanks to the efforts of Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support, the two dogs are currently in the care of a local shelter.]
[ UPDATE: 1:50 pm PST, March 16, 2011 –CNN and The Telegraph UK are reporting that both dogs received medical attention. The injured dog is currently at a veteranarian in Mito and the loyal white and brown spaniel friend is at a shelter with vet services in the same town. In summary of the mens' conversation in Japanese: at first the two thought the injured dog was dead. They immediately called a vet for assistance for both dogs. The men say they wish they had brought food to give the dogs. We will continue to follow any updates on this story and the status of the injured dog who is reportedly still weak. - Global Animal]" Article from Global Animal

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Amber-Mae said...

Those are such heartwarming pictures! What a precious baby she is. She is VERY lucky to have survived the treacherous Tsunami & earthquakes!

Autumn and Jasmine the Maltese said...

Thank you for sharing this warm news with us. We're so happy to see the little girl is survive and some furkids are reuniting with the family. Hope things are going well with the rescue work.


The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

I love how the sitting dog puts its paw on the sick dog to calm it down. Just heartbreaking.

Olive said...

Thanks for sharing Addie... some of the stories are just so heartwarming.

Take care...
Licks and tail wags from Olive

An English Shepherd said...

Lovely pictures :-)

the 4 Bs said...

the video of the two dogs just breaks our hearts. they are such loyal faithful friends and they don't deserve to be hurt or hungry. we sure hope that they are going to be okay.


CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Great post!!Thanks for the info!

Sagira said...

It is such a horrible situation. I can really feel for everyone involved. I have a friend that is over there with the military right now.

That video is very sweet and touching. I sure do hope that both dogs make it.

Lorenza said...

They are having a terrible time but the stories we have been seeing just melt our hearts.
I really hope those doggies are safe!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Thanks for the stories and photos. We love the fact that we have been seeing pets in shelters with their people.

By the way, the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support is a coalition that includes ARK and a couple of other groups. And it has been working with World Vets too.

Moco said...

That video reaffirms that there is goodness in both man and dog.

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