Sep 30, 2014

Back to the Beach

On the road again to Cape San Blas, Florida!

A rainbow welcoming us to Port St. Joe.

We just couldn't stay away.

We rented the same house on the beach but went in September instead of late October. 
The weather was hot and humid. 

Sunrise from our front door.

Lucie enjoyed the view from the balcony.

The girls posing in the living room.

We learned very quickly during this trip that if you stood too long you would be covered in mosquitoes. They must have really liked the taste of my blood because I was covered from head to toe in bites. Taking the pups out, especially in the morning and evening required long pants, long sleeves and a hood. 

Hailey loved her paw raft! The waves were too rough this year to try it in the water but that didn't stop her from having fun. Since Hailey was still recovering from her knee surgery, she was carried up and down all stairs. And there were a lot of stairs!

The house that we rented only has one house next to it that was close. For the first week of the trip our neighbors were wonderful, respectful and sweet. Typically, vacationers only stay for one week here but we decided to stay for two weeks. When the new neighbors arrived we learned that they were having a family reunion. As more and more people arrived we wondered just how many people they were going to fit in that house. Turns out, they fit a lot and several of them must not have seen each other for a very long time because all they did was talk, which I don't have a problem with except that they were loud. Like keeping me up at night loud. Like screaming, cackling on the beach loud. Because of the dogs we are very mindful to keep barking at a minimum as we would not want to spoil anyone else's vacation. These people were not mindful, unfortunately. For our next beach adventure we have found an even better house to rent on the beach where this type of situation will be avoided.

Hailey is such a ham!

Speaking of ham, we had the best BBQ in Port St. Joe. They sell out quick so you have to get there early. If you are staying in Port St. Joe or Cape San Blas do not miss this BBQ. We tried several other small restaurants but Paul Gant's was the best.

Sunsets at Cape San Blas are magical. 

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