Oct 24, 2015

Lucie, Allergies and Allercept


Each year it seems Lucie's allergies get worse. They seem to kick in around August and tapper off some time in the fall. Our Veterinarian, Dr. Johnson, recommended that we have her tested by Heska in August last year. Heska has a product called ALLERCEPT® which is an immunotherapy treatment that they promote for pets with chronic allergies. Lucie's test results showed that she is allergic to acacia (75 HERBU), mesquite (87 HERBU), dust mites (12 HERBU), fleas (77 HERBU) and cats (12 HERBU). 


As you can see in the HERBU chart Lucie's values are on the low side considering the high end is 600. I was not totally sold on starting Lucie on this at the time. This immunotherapy is relatively new and within my research I was not finding many real world reviews of its effectiveness outside of from the company and my Vet. After being reassured by my Vet that the treatment would pose no negative side effects I decided to give it a try. 

Lucie started her daily drops in February and at this point I am not convinced. Her allergies were just as bad this year. Same amount of scratching resulting in fur tumbleweeds throughout the house again which Hailey believes are a delicacy. I was told that it could take a full year to see results. The ALLERCEPT® therapy drops are custom made which equals some serious cash. 

Now, if I even saw the slightest decrease in her allergic reactions this year I would have no problem justifying the cost. But then, we have no acacia or mesquite trees, no cats and never even one flea. Dust, well, what can I say. I try but who really gets it all. 

I'm on the fence whether I should continue her treatment or not. If you are currently using ALLERCEPT® please leave a comment about your successes or failures. 

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Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

It sounds like you have given it a pretty good go. Doubtless, like so many of these drugs, it works well on some but not n others. Sorry that Lucy is continuing to have problems.Just curious to know whether you have tried using turmeric? It is being used a lot by horse people these days and is supposed to help with all kinds of allergies.

Raising Addie said...

@Violette I have not tried turmeric. I will research that. Thank you so much for the tip!

The Army of Four said...

We're sorry about the allergies. We're no help at all. The only one around here with allergies is Mom.

Sammy Sam said...

Sorry, we'll be of no help either.

Dory and the Mama said...

I am in the middle of going through this with Arty...We are in the middle of ruling out food allergies, and then moving to allergy testing. I just feel so bad for him, constantly itching. We totally get how frustrating it can be!

Raising Addie said...

@Dory and the Mama. I know what you mean. Lucie's allergies are seasonal and once they kick in nothing helps her. I do baths with special shampoo, benadryl, claritin and this year added the Allercept drops. With all of that she still scratched morning, noon and night. If you get to the allergy testing, please share your experiences so we can learn from each other.

sparklesprinkler said...

My dog has been on Allercept Therapy Drops for two weeks now. May be a coincidence but his allergies have flared to ten times worse. He's scratching and chewing so much he's bloody and scabby. Going to call vet and talk to her about this. She said most dogs see improvement after a month of the drops. Two weeks in and my poor dog is absolutely MISERABLE. :-(

Unknown said...

Hello! I have a mini schnauzer allergic to mold mites,and dust mites.I dust constantly, wash my sheets in hot water 3 times a wk, I have leather furniture that I also wipe with swifters. I took down my ceiling fans because they collect dust. I took down all the picture frames on my wall, and I wipe down my shades on the windows.
I started the allercept for Miles last july. It improved his skin a lot. My husband and I were amazed! Miles doesn't just scratch, he gets those little pimples with dry scabs over them. Eye infections, ear infections! I have had luck with Trizchlor flush for his skin and ears. And Trizchlor shampoo when he breaks out. Molly's suds shampoo is gentle, and non irritating since he gets a bath 3 times a wk.
the allercept suddenly stopped working late February early March. I live in Texas, so spring is awful here :-(
I'm at my wits end! The drops are expensive, and I don't know if I should continue them. I wish something just worked 100%.
I hate to see him uncomfortable. I use a doggy onsie that helps keep him from scratching. Tulalescloset.com. Hope that helps.

Unknown said...

I just started Allercept today. My vet warned me that it might take 9-12 months to see an improvement.
In addition, I changed her diet 2 months ago, which accounts for the major improvement so far. Sophie now eats a raw diet. Her red, teary eyes are gone. Her coat is thicker.
I began Allercept as a stop gap measure hoping to make Sophie more comfortable--and less itchy--until the diet change makes her stronger.

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