Jun 2, 2017

Owlivia and the Owlets: Part 1

Several years ago we installed an owl shack
On January 6, 2017 our first visitor arrived.

She is a beautiful Eastern Screech Owl.

On March 28 a terrible storm ripped through Fort Worth in the middle of the night. It felt like a tornado. Bringing down two of our huge trees, one of which broke into our dining room and tons of limbs from other trees. 

All of us waiting out the storm in our old-timey bathroom. 
Our girls don't mind storms but this one left a mark on Addie, 
who now gets very nervous with loud thunder storms.

As we were quickly coming down stairs, we heard glass 
breaking as we were getting in our bathroom for shelter.

 We were incredibly lucky with how this tree fell. 
It could have done considerable damage to our house. 

The morning after the storm, as our tree service was working on cutting up the trees one of the men stated that there was a very angry owl who scared the life out of them. 

Our poor owl had spent the storm in the owl shack on a tree that had fallen. 
The fallen tree was being supported by one of our other trees. 

When it came time to bring the tree down, the owl shack was gently removed with Mom owl and her eggs inside. She was not thrilled but we had no choice.

As quickly as possible, the owl shack was relocated to another tree that was right next to the one that had come down.

Our Mom owl was very happy to be reunited with her eggs later that day. She is one tough owl!

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