Jun 4, 2017

Owlivia and the Owlets: Part 4

For a second night in a row our trail cam caught some great video of the owlets and their feeding. At the end of this evening, the female owlet fledged.

Be sure to set the video to HD for best viewing.

On May 11, there was only one male owlet left. He came out to the perch early in the evening. I had quickly ordered a new lens for my camera the day before which arrived just in time to catch some great video and pix. Thank you, Amazon!

May 11, 2017

The male owlet patiently waited for Owlivia to return to feed him as a storm rolled into Fort Worth. He started to become very vocal and then he fledged. At the end of the next video you can hear Owlivia calling out to him.

Be sure to select HD for best viewing.

We had all become use to our owl family. Owlivia and the owlets were vary familiar with us, especially the girls. Owlivia has a favorite perch behind our house on some wires. I would frequently find her out there when I took the girls out for their last break before bed. The owls didn't mind the pups at all. Everyone living in harmony.

Be sure to select HD for best viewing.

Owlivia returned early in the morning on Mother's Day. Checking out the home that protected her precious family.

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