Feb 1, 2023

Happy 14th Birthday, Hailey!


Four Months Old

Fourteen Years Old

We could not have asked for a better fit for our pack than Hailey. This tiny little girl was instantly accepted by our big girls and loved every second. She truly grew up believing she was a big dog too. Hailey is pretty much the perfect dog. Low maintenance, excellent temperament and sweet as can be. AND she puts up with Daisy our Corgi.

Happy Birthday my little one!

Nov 3, 2022

The Amazing Hailey


Health wise Hailey has dealt with a lot this year. From Parathyroid surgery to tooth removal to scary red tumor removal. Through it all she has been a champ. Today she had a check up on her ionized calcium and she did great! Her number is perfect at 1.3. She currently takes D3 three times a week and it's working great. We will do rechecks of her ionized calcium every 6 months from here on out to ensure she stays in good health. Our Vet did say that this vitamin can suddenly stop working and to look for vomiting/not wanting to eat and/or drinking a ton of water and urinating a lot.

Hailey is completely enjoying life right now and is even acting more puppy like. I know this year has been hard for her not having Addie and Lucie by her side. She only likes to snuggle with them, even now but I do see that she is happier in herself which is wonderful to see. 

She has even made friends with our feral cat, Gypsy. Never thought I would see this!

At 13 years and 10 months, Hailey is looking fantastic!
YAAAY, Hailey!

Sep 25, 2022


I had always wanted our next pup to have the advantage of being raised with our girls. Four years ago after much thought we had decided on a Corgi. Then Addie blew her ACL and needed surgery. After that the right time didn't come. Then Lucie got sick. Loosing her the way we did completely rocked our world. We all needed a happy little face to help us.

Introducing our Daisy.

Our girls were not a fan of a new puppy but welcomed her into our family.

Daisy is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Born on December 31, 2021. This little girl has helped our hearts in the biggest way.

My favorite picture of these two. Daisy looked up to her big sister and always felt protected on walks.

I'm glad she was able to meet Addie and spend a little time with her. In Addie's prime, she would have loved chasing her around the yard. 

Hailey tolerates her but her heart still belongs to Lucie. 

I'm so glad this little girl was brought into our lives. She's as smart as a whip, keeps me on my toes and is the sweetest love bug. And she has the happiest little face all the time. I look forward to a time when we can give her a big sister to enjoy.