Jun 1, 2021

ACL Blown

 Addie has torn her ACL on her right rear leg. This is on top of the pancreatitus that we are still working to get control of. It was three years ago that she tore her ACL in her left leg and had TPLO surgery. Our regular vet is out of the office, the other vet at his practice does not recommend surgery due to her age. She is on rest and pain meds. Praying she gets some use of the right rear leg back at some point. I took this pic last night. You never know what's coming...

May 26, 2021

A Beautiful Morning and Dr. E


The rain finally stopped! 

I spoke with Dr. E (Héctor J. Encarnación, DVM, Diplomate, ACVIM (SAIM) late Tuesday afternoon our internist from MedVet. He explained the plan for Lucie moving forward with the diuretic. We will work to get her down to the lowest dose possible which keeps the fluid build up off of her back legs. Blood work will be done in a month to make sure that the diuretic is not causing any damage. I know when she was first put on them she was so uncomfortable needing to potty every 2 hours day and night. One of the side effects was weakness in her back legs. I am grateful that Dr. E took the time to call and discuss Lucie with me. He was very kind and answered all of my questions. He's a true gentleman and I'm glad we have him on Team Lucie!

The hard news is that the edema is most likely not related directly to the medications that she was on for that brief period. His concern is that her birth defect may be catching up to her and that a blood clot may have broken away and moved elsewhere. Lucie has basically beaten the odds her entire life. Given her unique makeup with her heart, everyone could speculate all day long on what's going on with her but this is uncharted territory. Regardless, we will continue to cherish every moment and give her the best quality of life possible. 

This morning we enjoyed a lovely walk at Lucie's pace leading the way.
Love my girls to the moon and back!

May 25, 2021

Back to Our Vet and Edema


My girls. I love them so very much!

Yesterday we visited Dr. Johnson since Addie is still having a hard time with her pancreatitis and I believe I'm seeing fluid retention at the tops of Lucie's back legs again. New plan for Addie with a new antibiotic. Our vet did see some fluid retention, I was really wanting to be wrong on this one. If it gets any worse I need to call MedVet.

Well, today Lucie's fluid retention is getting worse so the edema is coming back. I called MedVet today and the tech said to cut her diuretic dosage in half. I had many questions including if Dr. E had any thoughts on why this was happening. I learned quickly that the tech's don't like when you ask a lot of questions. Long story short, I need to follow up with our primary vet. 

I find the edema worrisome but this afternoon the rain magically stopped and the sun came out. We immediately ran out and chased the sun on a lovely walk! Lucie walked through all the puddles which is a favorite and she met a new dog friend, Max. 

May 18, 2021

MedVet Follow Up


Today Lucie went back to MedVet for the day to have the blood pressure in her legs monitored. She was not thrilled to be going back but it was important to check. Hailey was on hand to offer moral support before we headed out the door.


None of us like it when Lucie is away from us for so long but especially the girls.

The good news was that they ended their monitoring early. Her results were good and all legs were back to normal except one which was only slightly off. Now the question is, will the edema return since she had been off the diuretic since the 14th. Either way, Lucie was ready to go home!

Lucie enjoyed a much needed walk in the evening and met a new friend!
This is Buddy and he is the sweetest puppy!