Aug 5, 2023

My Addie Girl

It's been one year but it feels just like yesterday. 
Love you my girl.

Feb 20, 2023

Lucie in the Sky


This day is frozen in time for me. Facebook presented me with a memory that brought joy to my heart and reminded me of all the happy Feb 20th's she enjoyed.

February 20, 2011

This lovely one is another example. February 20, 2020

As the sky was full of pink clouds, how could I not believe that Lucie was showing me that she is still with me and is ok. Pink was her color. I know she is very happy with Addie by her side. Earlier in the day I had asked for a sign regarding an important question. I believe I received my answer. Thank you my Lucie love. My heart.

Feb 1, 2023

Happy 14th Birthday, Hailey!


Four Months Old

Fourteen Years Old

We could not have asked for a better fit for our pack than Hailey. This tiny little girl was instantly accepted by our big girls and loved every second. She truly grew up believing she was a big dog too. Hailey is pretty much the perfect dog. Low maintenance, excellent temperament and sweet as can be. AND she puts up with Daisy our Corgi.

Happy Birthday my little one!