May 3, 2024

My Angel on Earth...


is now in heaven.

Only a tiny little angel could fit in so perfectly with our big girls from day one.

Hailey was supposed to be the little lap dog that I always wanted.

Hailey chose the big girls instead and who could blame her.

My gorgeous girl brought us joy and happiness throughout her entire life.

Hailey has been the most devoted, tolerant, resilient and fun-loving pup.

She was the toughest little pup, hardly ever showing her pain.

I hope you felt all of the love that I have for you each and every day.  I loved creating fun activities for you, especially your golden eggs and our matching socks.

I had so many more fun things planned for us for when you got better. I'm so sorry that I couldn't make you better.

Thank you, Hailey for giving me all of your love and always being by my side. I love you with all of my heart. I'm so happy that you came into our lives. I have 15 years of fabulous photos to remind me of how happy you were.

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