Mar 22, 2009

Help for Friends in Need

 Our 200th post received 100 comments!
Because this is a very good cause, we went well over the 1 pound per comment donation.

We wanted to have the girls with us when the donation was made to the Tarrant Food Bank, but their  hours are odd and only during the week, so we will have to make the donation during lunch time from work next week.

Can you find Lucie?

There she is. Now how do I get this trunk closed!


We would like to thank everyone that visited us on our special day. From the 100 posts, we pulled 10 lucky winners by using And the winners are...
We have a little treat that we would like to share with our winners. Please email us your mailing address and your treat will be sent this week.

Lastly, here are some pugs that need help.

First up is Pixie the Pug. She is terribly under weight and is fighting to get healthy. Our friend Clover did a post about her and we just had to help. If you have not visited Pixie yet please go check out her story and share the love.

Next are Penelope and Petunia. These two pugs are very ill and need our support. Our new friends at Purs n' Snorts did a post about them and we could not pass them by. Check out the Purs n' Snorts post for a cool contest that they are running in conjunction with making a donation. You can get all of the details on Penelope and Petunia at Kentuckiana Pug Rescue.


  1. Thank you for posting the contest and thanks for the special treat ;)

  2. Khongrats on such a pawesome response to your post and fur the pawesome donation woo made!

    Of khourse, the pikhs were grrrrreat!

    I'll chekhk out the others woo listed!

    Big wag of my fluffy tail to your winners!

    I'm proud to be one of your furiends!


  3. Great response to you post....and what a great donation to make!! So glad to know you guys!!! :)

  4. One of the many things we love about you girls is that you are always looking out for others. Your generosity is an example to all of us!

  5. Wow! What a huge donation! I know the shelter will be very pleased with your amazing generosity! I'll go check out the pugs too.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  6. That was a fabulous response and you are so wonderfully generous to have donated more. So many animals will benefit - It sends chills down my spine. And may Petunia and Penelope and Pixie find wonderful forever homes when the time is right. Such good work going on in Kentucky. The organization is lucky to have Addie and Lucie and her parents so involved and able to pass on the info. We'll pray and send a donation. You are the first blog I've visited since I got sick and I can't believe a randomizer picked my name. Thank you so much. With Love and Hugs and thanks for your comments xo Sam

  7. Woof, Addie!
    Yey, congrats to all the winners!
    And a BIG Bark and TenPawsUp for calling attention to all those who needs help!

    Hey, Lucie is now four months old!
    Lucie looks like a lot like Addie a few months back. I'm sure when I get back Lucie and Addie will be of the same height!

    Musings of an old dawg.
    And thanks for your bday greetings!

  8. Oh, wow! What a wonderful donation - we are so proud of you!
    And our hearts break for those little puglets - our Mommy wants a puggie to our Motley Crew someday!

    Huge (((hugs))) from your friends, in rescue, Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

    Our shelter here has all the food donated from Royal Canin!

  9. That is so wonderful! You guys are the best!
    Tail wags,

  10. Congratulations, Addie and Lucie. You did something wonderful! I missed that post - Mama's been so busy and we didn't get around to see it. We're so glad it was a huge success.


  11. Many pups are going to be happy with your donation!
    You are great!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Congrats Addie and Lucie, that was absolutely wonderful - 100 comments and such large donation - well done. We will check out the pugs too.
    lots of woofs - Clive

  13. You girls are awesome! I've emailed you - I'm so excited.

    Huffle Mawson

  14. You are amazing! I liked the find lucie photo. The food bank was certainly happy!


  15. Gosh, I can't believe I missed the posting contest! :(

    How can I make it up to you, girls?
    Can I send something over by mail? :(

    I feel bad.


  16. WOoooo!!! What a great pile of loot you got there! That rescue will be sooo happy to see you pull up! I am sorry you pups wont be there, but maybe they can come check out your blog to see your beautiful pictures!


  17. yay - look at all that food - that is so great!! And thanks for posting about the pugs in need. If we all chip in just a bit it can make such a huge difference.

  18. Wow what a lot of loot you got to donate. That is so awesome of you guys to help out those in need.
    And I hope those pugs get the love and attention they need. =)

  19. Kudos to your pawsome idea and generous donation.

    Doggy Kisses,

  20. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dear friends!!!
    One of the many things we love about you girls is that you are always looking out for others!!!!!!!
    Your generosity is an example to all of us!!!!!!
    You're a very special girls and had a wonderful family!!
    we're sooooooooooo proud of you!!
    Lots of love and kisses

  21. Love the pictures! And how very nice of you to do such a nice donation!

    Love, dozer, dottie and cooper

  22. congrats to all the winners! and this is really pawsome !!!

    oh, did you check to see if Lucie gotten out of the truck before you close it ???

    Felt so sry and sad after reading about the pugs! hope they gotten help

    best regards

  23. Addie and Lucie, what generous pups you are (maybe with help from your pawrents!) Your shelter will be thrilled with such a generous gift.

    Checking on the needy guys, too.


  24. we had a blast during your visit addie. too bad lucie wasnt able to come. we have already uploaded part 1 of the pawty.. come see..

    drooly kisses,


  25. You guys are so generous and caring! You're just the best!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  26. Wow ! Your mommy Staci & daddy Ron is so generous !!!!

  27. WOW Guys!
    You are soooo generous. Thats pups are gonna be furry happy to get all that food :)
    Big licks to you

  28. You are going to make a lot of doggies very happy. Thanks for you generosity.

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  29. You are so kind to make that large donation, but we do hope you remembered to get dear sweet Lucie out of there before Addie closed the door.

    Paws crossed for all those sweet little pups.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  30. Such a great thing you all did! Great job! We all gotz to eat!

    Pruett and Daphne

  31. Yay...congrats on getting all those comments. That is such a nice thing to do. You guys rock! :-)

    Paws crossed here for those little pups.

    Holly & Zac...XX

  32. Oh Addie and Lucie you have such a wonderful mom. Thanks for the contest and delivering the awesome surprise..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  33. What a wonderful thing to do for your 200th post. We are sure that a lot of people are going to be very thankful.

  34. Hey Addie, glad to know that you got a pawsome response. We love both you & Lucie coz you gals always care for others.

    slurpy licks,

  35. Hi, Addie & Lucie...

    Wow...Look at all that food...You guys are pawesome...

    The doggies & kitties are gonna be sooo happy...

    I sent you an email...

    Abby xxxooo

  36. Hi Addie & Lucie,
    Thank you for the special treat. I'm happy your post was such a success! Lots of dogs will have food thanks to you.

    Cute pics!

  37. WOW, there are going to be a lot of happy tummies out there :)

    I liked the "Where's Lucy" photo :)

    Behr Behr :)

  38. Hi Addie & Lucie! You two are so sweet- I just loved being a part of this special contest! I can't believe I got my name drawn! I've never won anything!

    I'll have Momma send you a peemail!

  39. You guys are pawsome! I hope those poor puglets get well and find furever homes. We get so sad when we see such neglect. We wil go visit now!

  40. Hi Addie & Lucie!
    I am soo excited to see that I was chosen! I never win things! I am even more excited for all the pets that will have nice full bellies thanks to your generosity! And Congrats to Lucie on graduating! We are so behind on visiting all of my friends and I feel like I have missed so much! Luckily Google reader is keeping track of it for me but the unread list seems pretty daunting right now!
    :) Tibby

  41. Addie and Lucie, you have such big hearts! And I'm glad little Lucie didn't disappear behind all that dog food!

    See ya!

  42. I bet the food bank and the lucky pups that are getting the food are sooooo happy! What a great thing to do! :)

  43. Congratulations on so many comments! More doggies will be blessed because of your paws!

    And congratulations to Lucie on her graduation!

    Gus and Waldo


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