Aug 6, 2020

Lumbosacral Stenosis

Addie had her annual exam on June 23. She has been having a little trouble with her back legs when getting up or sitting down. Outside of that she is in great health. Going out into the world during Covid-19 is a stressful endeavor but she managed it like a champ. 

To say I was shocked when our vet gave me his diagnosis was an understatement. The details that he provided about her potential deterioration are ingrained in my mind. Lumbosacral Stenosis is a painful disease that affects the spinal cord and the nerves around the area where the spinal column meets the pelvis (low down in the back near the tail, where the lumbar spine meet the sacrum at the level of the pelvis). We changed her meds to Galliprant and immediately saw an improvement. At the time my vet didn't do X-rays but decided to do them the next week. The X-rays showed arthritis in her right hip and left back leg. This arthritis could be contributing to her back leg movement which is my hope. 

She continues to have an amazing spirit, sprints around the yard, eats like a horse and although she is loosing her hair, she is as gorgeous as ever!


  1. Whoa, almost two years between posts.

  2. Whatever helps your beautiful Addie! It's so stressful to see our furbabies get older and having issues.


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