Nov 21, 2021

Radiation: A Pain Saving Lifesaver


We were told that radiation takes time to work but that if it is going to work you will see results after the second session. We had a lot banked on the second session. The Help 'Em Up Harness has been invaluable to Lucie. Even with the addition of Tramadol to her amantadine and Rimadyl, she was still uncomfortable. 

The burden of deciding when it's your pups time is excruciating. One minute you think I don't believe she should handle any more and then she gets up, walks in the kitchen and barks at Gypsy our feral cat outside. My trusted Vet's tell us that we will know when it's time. Emotionally it's been gut wrenching. My husband said, what we are going through feels like pulling a band-aid off incredibly slow. Every action we make is to help her be more comfortable in herself. Weekly in-home acupuncture and massage by an amazing and compassionate Vet Dr. Lynn. We actually started this before her diagnosis to help with her lower back issue but it has proven necessary for her. The use of the Help "Em Up Harness helped to transfer her weight to us easing her burden while walking. To this day I still don't understand how the back end of that harness works with allowing her to potty but it does. It's just magic. But nothing is more important than Lucie's quality of life. That is something that I make sure that she enjoys each day. I am at her beck and call. Ensuring that she is fed, hydrated, cleaned and her back legs are exercised by providing PT. I want to make sure that she has every opportunity for the radiation to work and that her body is able to pick up where it left off afterwards.

Her first radiation session was on her birthday. Not exactly how I thought she would spend her 13th birthday but I can't think of a better gift than pain relief. This first session takes a while as they have to set up all the points on her before the procedure so she spent most of the day there. We were told the next sessions will not be as long. At this point Lucie needed help getting around. While in the care of VSNT, she was content on her bed near a Tech's desk while waiting her turn. They watched over her as if she was their own. I worried the entire time she was there. I did my best to not call and check on her much but was so relieved when we got the news she was doing well and ready for pick up. Lucie came through it great! It took her a day to bounce back and she showed us how much better she was feeling by walking on her own.

Happy Birthday, Lucie!
I couldn't love you more.

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