Aug 12, 2022



On Sunday I had just taken the girls out and a hummingbird appeared. She zoomed around quickly and sat on a tree branch, looking at me. At the base of this tree is where Addie loved to snack on some "salad". I thought, how odd for this hummingbird to be sitting in this tree when there are no flowers or anything around for her to enjoy. I then thought, if Addie were a bird she would be a hummingbird. Always busy going a mile a minute. 

Yesterday, I had just gone outside and a hummingbird appeared again. She zoomed around and again sat in the same tree looking at me. I instantly thought of Addie again. I googled hummingbird sighting meanings and found this. And cried BIG ugly tears.

Thank you for the sign, Addie. Please, never leave my side my girl. How can it be a week already.


  1. We have been reading your postings and our hearts just ache for you. We didn't know that about the hummers and now you have our eyes leaking once again. Hugs to you♥

  2. That is beautiful. We are so glad that Addie sent you this lovely sign, and we are sure she will always be by your side.

    Woofs and Hugs,
    Ollie and #1


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