Nov 3, 2022

The Amazing Hailey


Health wise Hailey has dealt with a lot this year. From Parathyroid surgery to tooth removal to scary red tumor removal. Through it all she has been a champ. Today she had a check up on her ionized calcium and she did great! Her number is perfect at 1.3. She currently takes D3 three times a week and it's working great. We will do rechecks of her ionized calcium every 6 months from here on out to ensure she stays in good health. Our Vet did say that this vitamin can suddenly stop working and to look for vomiting/not wanting to eat and/or drinking a ton of water and urinating a lot.

Hailey is completely enjoying life right now and is even acting more puppy like. I know this year has been hard for her not having Addie and Lucie by her side. She only likes to snuggle with them, even now but I do see that she is happier in herself which is wonderful to see. 

She has even made friends with our feral cat, Gypsy. Never thought I would see this!

At 13 years and 10 months, Hailey is looking fantastic!
YAAAY, Hailey!

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