Feb 1, 2024

15 Years Loved - Happy Birthday, Hailey!


A birthday of this magnitude doesn't come along very often so I made this celebration extra special. For 14 days leading up to Hailey's birthday, she enjoyed a mini celebration each day.

Her golden egg is a perfect example of her mini celebrations. She rolls the golden egg, nudging it until it bursts open revealing her surprises including little Easter eggs filled with her kibble pieces for her to sniff out. She absolutely loves this and has so much fun!

I started our sock's n' such moments a few years ago where we wear matching socks and enjoy a snack. Our version of snacks now is simply pieces of her dog food to help keep her weight down.

Hailey is our first pup who has achieved the age of 15. It helps that she has been our smallest pup we have ever had. That's why it is so special for us right now.

Her new birthday bed.

Extra special Birthday pan"cake".

Birthday hide and seek lunch.

My sweet little Hailey was so tiny when we got her that I couldn't imagine how she was going to mange with our big girls. They loved her from the second that I placed her on the floor in front of them. Addie took over as mom, always making sure she was ok and when she was older alerting us to when a seizure was coming. Lucie was her best friend. She has always thought she was a big dog. On walks, Hailey was the one that would bark at everyone passing by and never a peep from the big girls. I know she is missing her big sisters, they had the deepest bonds. I have done my best to bring her joy.

Hailey's first day home.

Within a few hours, already cuddling with her big sister. It was her most favorite spot to be.

3 months old

15 years old
Same carrot and same hat.

The same gorgeous smile.

The love for my Hailey runs deep. She is the perfect pup.

Here's to a ton more memories.

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