Aug 3, 2009

Training Addie: Session #2

Today Matt continued Addie's heeling and sitting work. The heeling is done using a super long and light training leash using a large link chain collar. This would give him a better opportunity for correction and since the links were huge they would not stick in her fur like the pinch collar. He introduced distractions today being his dog Letay. I am in awe when I see Letay do exactly what Matt asks when he asks it.

The object of her heeling work is for her attention to always be on the person walking her. If she strays a quick snap of the leash is all it takes and she is back on target. (Gone is the continual choke, choke, choke when Addie is not listening which previous trainers recommended. I am amazed that Addie listened to anything that I asked of her with that pinch collar on during the countless hours that we trained.) Addie sits in the heel position like a pro. Addie even did very well with Letay as a distraction. Again, if she strayed a quick snap of the leash, I turn my direction away from her and with a few quick steps she is at my side. 

Next Matt worked on down. Addie knows the word down but chooses to not obey it 90% of the time. When he asked me if she knew down I stated no because I know her down is not reliable. So, he walks her a bit in the grass, asks her to sit then states, down. Immediately Addie was in the down position. Matt looks at me with a puzzles look. He then gets her up and they walk around again. They stop and she sits instantly. He states down and Addie goes in the down position. Matt looks at me again and says I think she's fooling you!

Matt takes Addie out into the cul-de-sac and directs her to the down position. She just sits there. The rest of the lesson was spent working on a reliable down. He said to get a mat to place on the grown. I had some extra foam mats from Hailey's room so he used two of those. The point of using a mat is for Addie to associate learning the down position on the mat so she could differentiate it from everywhere else. Much time was spent on this and by the end she was doing much better.

Our assignment is to work on heeling, sit and most important down with her regular flat collar. Matt said that Addie is very receptive to being corrected and it shouldn't take much to get her attention. Addie is doing real well.

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Erin and the Furry Troops said...

Great job! I posted a video of Texas doing the "down" command for you as well!! Hope it helps!

Erin & the Furry Crew

महामंत्री - तस्लीम said...

Nice Blog. Congrats.
Magic of Thinking.

Ludo van Doggy said...

Well done Addie!

Snowy and Crystal said...

pawsome job Addie ;)
all paws up for you

Maltese Paws

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