May 29, 2011

Square Foot Garden: Seven Weeks

We have had a crazy weather week here. Rain, hail the size of golf balls and tornado warnings. For the most part the garden did well. The hail did some damage on the tomato plant and must have hit our only tomato dead on. It is now handing on by a thread for dear life.  Yeah, we're gonna lose our only tomato.

Someone last week pointed out about there being a lot of green growth but no real fruit/veg.  I agree.  It has been very frustrating to see the flowers go un-pollinated then they die off.  I haven't seen any bees around at all lately which concerns me.

Both purple and regular green beans are doing well.  The reg ones are really taking to the netting.
The potatoes are doing...ok.  all the harsh weather has damaged them some and I had to tie them up or lose them so they're growing oddly
No issues with the corn, weather=struggle in keeping them upright
Pepper plant is trying to make it...we'll see
WTF is up with this leaf wont grow taller than 2 inches but won't die!
The green part of the carrots seems too delicate, maybe it's still early in their growth 

Weird looking hail.  Foot added for scale.

The garden right after the second round of hail.   I was crushed when I saw our tomato just hanging there, knowing we would lose it.

The sky was ominous prior to the storm.

Took this right before the first tornado siren went off. The pups did fine during the storm although when the second round of hail came through it sounded like someone was beating our roof with a baseball bat which scared the life out of me. Our FJ Cruiser has some dents on the hood to remind us of the storm.  They're not huge tho, have to look hard to see them.  More trouble than it's worth dealing with insurance to get them fixed.

Our first purple green bean.

Our tomato......our storm damaged tomato.

Our cucumber plants have a bunch of flowers that Hailey would love to eat.

During week four of our garden we had bad weather come through. I wanted to share a video of the light show that Brian Luenser had caught. Our house was right near where these transformers were exploding! We were without power until about 3:30 a.m.

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Kari in WeHo said...

I hope you get more tomatoes in place of the one you lost!


Sagira said...

There have been some crazy storms. I'm so sorry to hear about your only tomato not making in. RIP Mr. Tomato. :(

That hail was huge. We had some here but it was only pea sized.

Stay safe!

An English Shepherd said...

Hailey looks keen on that veg :-)

sprinkles said...

We had rain mixed with snow this past Friday. I'm all, "WTF?! It's the end of May and we're STILL getting snow? Seriously?"

I'm sorry about your tomato. I hope you get more before the end of summer.

That laser light show was really pretty. Scary that it's transformers blowing up though.

Huskee and Hershey said...

Whoaaa... that's a very big hail!! The only ones that I have seen when I was living in Australia (definitely no hail in Singapore) were only the size green peas! Sorry abt what it did to your tomato plant.. hoping that new ones will flourish and you and the girls will have beautiful, yummy veg soon.

OMG and the laser show was totally scary!!

Clive said...

Considering the weather your garden is doing very well! That hail was huge and those transformers exploding was very scary!

take care
Clive and Murray

Amber-Mae said...

Sorry about the terrible weather you've been having over there. Those gold ball sized hail thingies are scary. Those can really damage properties really badly. And I am sorry that your only surviving tomato is now hanging on dear life. I wonder when the fruits & vegetables are going to start growing on those plants...

That video is kinda scary. What are transformers & why were they exploding? How come there are no explosion sounds?

Raising Addie said...

Hi Amber-Mae!

That video was taken from over 5 miles away which is why you can't hear the explosion sounds. Believe me, the sounds near our house were pretty scary. It sounded like the city was being electrocuted! All of the lights were flashing like crazy in our house. We helped by running around and barking :)

Addie, Lucie and Hailey

Sam said...

Yikes! We are glad to hear you are okay after all that wild weather.

Mom looked on-line out of curiosity on ways to attract more bees and found this brochure. They recommend planting flowers to help attract bees, but you can look at it too.

Good luck!


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