Jul 17, 2011

Square Foot Garden: Fourteen Weeks

Hot enough for everyone? We have lost track on how many days it has been over 100 degrees here. Most days when you go outside it feels like you are in a convection oven.

All of this heat has taken a toll on the garden. The only items that are producing at this point are the corn, zinna flower and the mint which is spreading out all over. 

Hailey continues to be happy even though her green bean plants have stopped producing snacks for her.

Hailey's long coat is really coming in nicely now. She is showing off her beautiful fur after her bath on Saturday. 

 Lucie had a sniff of the zinna flower.

I brought the flower down to Hailey's level for a sniff as well. I really thought she was going to eat it :)

8 Treats:

Kari in WeHo said...

we are also dealing with super hot temps


Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Mom did not plant much this year because of the odd spring weather we had ... n now the super size heat. We had mint one year n they grew like weeds so be careful. Oh! We are featuring another popsicle tasty treat blog post tomorrow (Monday). We used a different mold. Hope you check it out. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your heat is coming our way, girls! We only have tomatoes planted in our garden and so far not one has even ripened yet!
You are such a pretty girl, Hailey!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

♥Mona + Weenie + Mommy, too♥ said...

Looks like you've had a geat time with that garden. Hailey sure likes it for sure. It is way to hot here for anything to grow.

Weenie is better and getting eating like a horse.

{{{huggie}}}....Mona & Weenie

Bailey said...

Warm here too. Katy jumped in one of the gardens, but managed to avoid all the onions. I have no idea how she didn't kill anything, but she did not damage any plants.

Sam said...

Our garden died two months ago (we are in AZ), so I'm really envious that yours has lasted (and produced) this long!


Sagira said...

It has been pretty hot here as well. Hailey probably thinks it is food since so much yummy stuff is coming from the garden.

Asta said...

Hailey and Lucie
so wondewful to see those smiles

it's tewwibully hot hewe too
I hope you awe going to stay cool and get some beans somehow
smoochie kisses

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