Sep 14, 2018

14 Days of a Cone

14 days of a cone is just too long. Addie has gotten to the point where she is trying to pull the cone off her head. It is just annoying. I have tried other cones over the years and she always found a way around other ones to get to stitches. Her fur on the back of her neck is much thinner now due to tying the gauze to secure the cone. Regardless of how careful I am, there are always hairs that are tangled when I go to take the cone off. I tried to use her collar with it but it was too bulky and didn't fit. I am grateful that the cone protected her stitches but 14 days is a looooooong time. At this point, only three more hours until the stitches come out and that is one less thing to worry over. Yaaay!

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Molly the AireGirl said...

14 days is a VERY long time to have to wear the cone, Addie, but you need to protect those healing stitches. When it finally comes off, we hope you NEVER ever have to wear it again!

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