Jan 6, 2022

Cold Snap


At the same time the cold weather blew in on January 2, Lucie's front right leg became sore and she started drinking from the raised water bowl, not wanting to bend her head down. This leg along with her neck and shoulder has been dealing with the brunt of her movement to compensate for her bad left leg. The odd thing is, instead of wanting to just sit outside, she was walking around our yard but when in the house she was hesitant to walk down a hallway she has walked down a million times. Very confusing for me. I consulted with Lucie's oncologist on January 4th who wanted to increase her pain meds but I didn't want to go down this path just yet. Our acupuncture Vet came on Wednesday, January 5th for her treatment which she didn't even want to get out of her bed to greet her. An hour after her treatment, she was walking around normally again and drinking from the water bowl on the floor. I'm so grateful that this helps her so very much. It's really a blessing.

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