Jan 2, 2022

What makes Lucie bark?

 Everything and nothing.
So overnight Lucie has started barking, a lot. A cold front moved in and along with it came a TON of barking. Not sure why. Personally, I could feel the change in pressure in my head while the temp was falling so I'm sure she could feel it too. Is the cold weather making her leg hurt more? Does she smell the cat in the laundry room? If she could only TELL us what is annoying her and we would do everything we could to fix it. If she is thirsty, she barks. If she wants to move to a different bed. It's almost like she's telling us what she wants to do before she does it. 

Gypsy has also learned that if she meows loud enough we will come see her. Between the meowing and the barking, I can hardly think straight! The things we do for those we love.

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