Aug 14, 2022


 I worked a nine to five job the majority of my girls life. Each night after dinner was playtime initiated by Addie. She would go choose a toy and start playing with it. Lucie would bark at her then they would chase Addie upstairs onto our bed. 

This nightly ritual was adored by all.

AND I loved sleeping with my big girls in the bed.

Addie would always start off by curling up at my pillow. I would kiss and cuddle her then she would move down to the foot of my side of the bed. Hailey always provided a turndown service by "fixing" the blanket, then hiding under it until I found her.

Lucie was the wild card. You never knew where she would end up in bed.

April and May of last year were tough on our big girls. They were both dealing with big health issues and by the end of May Lucie could no longer comfortably walk up the stairs. That didn't stop evening playtime at all. Just the location. For sleeping, if they can't come up then I'll stay down. I always dreaded the day I moved from the couch back into bed because that would mean that both big girls were gone. Last night was my first night back in bed and it was brutal. As I laid down in tears, I thought you know what they are not gone. They are here with me and I felt their presence.

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