Aug 16, 2022



I fell in love with Addie from the second I saw her picture. No arrival was more anticipated. I hung her pictures at work and her tiny little face gave me something happy to look forward to after the sudden loss of our K-8.

The more I got to know her, the more I loved her.

This girl kept me on my toes her whole life long.
Never a dull moment while Addie was around.

The love of a big dog in our home was a presence all it's own. None can be matched.

I had the perfect family. They were so good and respectful of each other. So much fun and love. I just never wanted it to end.

With my first two dogs, the decision to leave this life was theirs. In some respect it's easier to live with when you don't need to make that decision. Choosing the date/time that your beloved best friend will die comes with a pain so unimaginable that I can hardly bare it. All done in the best interest for their quality of life and that's how it should be. We were blessed with an at home Vet that Addie knew well who made this as easy for all of us as possible. I can't thank Dr. Lynn enough. She eased her pain in life and set her free to run again.

My girl is home.

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  1. Addie was such a special girl and she was lucky to find such a special home.

    Those decisions are the hardest to make. Sometimes it is obvious Other times it is not. But our animals know how much we love them and that we would do anything for them.

    Sending Hugs,
    Everyone at The Poupounette


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