Apr 8, 2024

Totality: O!M!G!

 How often does a once in a lifetime total solar eclipse event land in your backyard?
For us, just once. 

Our news has been reporting on this event for at least a month leading up to today with their solar eclipse countdown. State of emergencies had been declared for some counties in it's path. Some were saying to stock up on food and make sure you have all of your prescriptions filled in case everything is backed up due to more people in different areas. Some said clouds will block our view. Some traveled from different countries to come to the DFW area to view it. We just kicked back, relaxed and let the eclipse come to us.

For the girls I made special planets bandanas. For Hailey I made little stars socks to match. Daisy clearly didn't appreciate my work and wouldn't participate in the picture.

I made sure to purchase our viewing items from the best places to protect our eyes. I found these cool eclipse viewers from Rainbow Symphony. I even purchased a special viewer to use with my phone to snap a quick pick from American Paper Optics. Although my focus was on simply experiencing this event, I wanted to snap a few pictures.

Daisy approved of these bandanas that I purchased.

Hailey says it's time to get outside!

The eclipse is starting!

Daisy's cheeky little bum!

While having fun with my girls, It just kept getting darker and darker. My husband placed some lounge chairs out for us to view the eclipse comfortably. Then it was time for the girls to go inside. Sorry pups, you'll have to experience this from inside. 

The sky went dark quickly and just like that, it was night. The stars came out. There were a little bit of clouds to start but they soon parted giving us a completely unobstructed view. 

It literally took my breath away.  I could hardly believe my eyes. The birds fell silent and it felt eerily supernatural. I was so very lucky to experience this with my beloved husband. 

While we were waiting for totality, my husband and I noticed a lot of little bugs flying around. I said, we need some dragonflies as I had not seen any this year. As we sat watching our world turn from night to daylight again, a black and white dragonfly landed on my knee. He sat there for the longest moment looking at me before he hurriedly flew away.

I have seen a ton of dragonflies in our yard over the years and not once have they ever landed on me. Some say if a dragonfly lands on you it is a sign of transformation or new beginnings. Others may say he was just disorientated from the event. I believe that it's a sign that I will hear good news from someone. Specifically, Dr. Johnson. 

My quick pictures do not do this totality eclipse experience justice, they were not meant to but are more a memory marker for me. When I went into our home after to check on the girls, they were very cautious. Daisy peeking her little face around a corner to look at me when typically she is at the door waiting. I wish the girls could tell me what they experienced because they clearly felt something too.

Hailey enjoyed her golden egg dinner with a moon and stars theme. After tomorrows surgery it will be a little while before she can have dry food so I made sure to make dinner special and fun.

After a super exciting day, the girls relaxed together... for a few minutes anyway.

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