Apr 9, 2024


 This will be the first surgery that Hailey will have without Addie there to support her. Addie would always watch over Hailey, alerting us to an oncoming seizure or doting after her when she got home from surgeries. 

One of Addie's first toys was a sheep. The sheep stayed with her all her life long. 

I saw this little blanket with sheep on it and knew it would be great for Hailey. I know she can't see the sheep but it is a comforting reminder of Addie for me and how much Addie loved Hailey. Given all of Hailey's issues right now, surgery is the last thing that she needs to deal with. Our vet was clear that although he would do everything to make the surgery goes quickly and watch her vitals closely, but surgery might just be too much for her. I loved the thought of Hailey having her sheep blanket with her there, when I couldn't be. I slept with it myself so my scent was on it hopeful that she will find comfort in it in her cage before and after surgery.

All paws crossed and praying for my sweet Hailey.

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