Apr 22, 2022

Lucie and Hailey

Lucie and Hailey have always been close. Lucie had only been with us for two and a half weeks in January when Zoe suddenly died. Zoe was our first Dachshund and after loosing her I knew I always had to have a Doxie in my life. When Hailey came to us that April, the two of them went together like peanut butter and jelly. Their relationship from the start goes against everything I have read recently and I'm so glad I didn't listen to any of that back then as we would have missed out on their love. Since Lucie passed, Hailey has been quieter and kind of lost. She has received extra attention and love but nothing compares to her Lucie.

It's been two months since we let Lucie go and we are all missing her to say the least. The girls are adjusting to life without her most likely better than I am. At Hailey's wellness check in Feb just a few days before Lucie went downhill, we found out that Hailey's ionized calcium was elevated. My Vet wasn't concerned, yet, but wanted it checked again. We did a check 2.5 weeks after and it had remained the same. For the next check he wanted more time in between so we did another follow up two weeks ago and received the results last week that it has increased so she had a malignancy panel done.

Hailey has Primary Hyperparathyriodism. The cancer is in the parathyroid. She will have surgery to remove it. Thankfully, the tests did not show that there was cancer elsewhere. The surgery should be a one a done deal. I'm so very happy that we can fix this for her. She is showing no signs of feeling poorly which is wonderful.

I hate that Hailey is having to deal with cancer. It absolutely sucks. I am glad that we can take care of it for her. I'm not sure I could handle loosing two of my girls so close.


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