Apr 10, 2024

5 to 7 very long days

 Hailey came through her surgery yesterday to remove the tumor in her mouth like a champ!

Daisy had the perfect gift for her. The Take Care Bear from Bark.

Hailey was only under anesthesia for 5 minutes. Yes, our vet is that good! They gave her a shot for pain which I believe wore off around 10:30pm because she screamed/cried for the majority of the night. Regardless of my repeated attempts to calm/comfort her. She finally passed out around 1 am for a few hours and then was right back at it. 

But throughout the day today, she finally rested peacefully eating like crazy because of her fast yesterday. Soft food is required for 10 days. Since the wet canned food doesn't agree with her, I soften her dry food with a little bit of water. She doesn't mind it at all.

We should have an answer about the tumor in 5-7 days. Daisy is watching over her older sister like any younger sister should.

Yesterday evening when I was taking the girls out, while I was looking at Hailey a little black and white hummingbird flew into my view. The hummingbird landed at the top of a tree and looked in our direction. It stared at me for the longest time. Addie always diligently looked after Hailey when she was ill or after surgeries. I believe she dropped by to check on her little sister.

Update: Maybe that's 5-7 business days. 

Update: One of our Vets from Neighborhood Pet Health Center called on April 24 with the results. It's an oral plasmacytoma which is cancer but a non spreading one. Dr. Burney from VSNT also commented when he reviewed the results. Dr. Burney stated, "the good news is that all of the mass that could be seen was removed.  We should watch the area.  If the mass starts to recur, we do have some options, including radiation therapy."

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